Title Version Milestone Date Committer Commit
linux-yocto-dev: bump to 4.18+ 4.18-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.6 M2 2018-07-09 Bruce Ashfield 3d7da5d808
linux-yocto-dev: update to v4.17+ 4.17-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.6 M1 2018-05-29 Bruce Ashfield 851734af3d
linux-yocto-dev: update to v4.16-rcX 4.16-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.5 M3 2018-02-24 Bruce Ashfield 59285b324f
linux-yocto-dev: update to v4.15+ 4.15-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.5 M2 2017-12-21 Bruce Ashfield 70f3d81e41
linux-yocto-dev: bump to v4.14-rcX 4.14-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.5 M1 2017-11-03 Bruce Ashfield ea372cc597
linux-yocto-dev: bump to 4.12+ 4.12-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.4 M3 2017-07-17 Bruce Ashfield 26aaa6cca9
linux-yocto-dev: bump to v4.10+ 4.10-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.3 M3 2017-02-19 Bruce Ashfield fe6a071bab
linux-yocto-dev: update to 4.9-rcX 4.9-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.3 M1 2016-12-07 Bruce Ashfield 27c53cb8d0
linux-yocto-dev: bump to v4.8+ 4.8-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.2 M4 2016-09-05 Bruce Ashfield 2624fc485f
linux-yocto-dev: bump to v4.6-rcX 4.6-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.1 M4 2016-04-03 Bruce Ashfield cb25dcc7c4
linux-yocto-dev: bump to 4.4-rcX 4.4-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 2.1 M2 2015-12-27 Bruce Ashfield 30afd55016
linux-yocto-dev: update to 4.2-rc 4.2-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.9 M4 2015-08-30 Bruce Ashfield 468fef1ccf
linux-yocto-dev: introduce 4.1-rc development kernel 4.1-rc++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.9 M1 2015-05-03 Bruce Ashfield b5f59d58ec
linux-yocto-dev: update to v3.19+ 3.19++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.8 M3 2015-02-08 Bruce Ashfield f102bf7691
linux-yocto-dev: bump to v3.17+ 3.17++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.7 M4 2014-09-10 Bruce Ashfield 0a5353ef42
linux-yocto-dev: bump to v3.16+ 3.16++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.7 M3 2014-07-25 Bruce Ashfield f90af1a78c
linux-yocto-dev: bump to v3.14-rc4 3.14++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.6 M3 2014-02-28 Bruce Ashfield 9c5734b91c
linux-yocto-dev: bump version to 3.13+ 3.13++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.6 M2 2014-01-17 Bruce Ashfield 0e0307a23d
Initial import at 1.6 release start. 3.10++gitAUTOINC+29594404d7_29594404d7 1.6 M1 2013-11-11 No maintainer

About linux-yocto-dev

Linux kernel
Recipe file
openembedded-core (master branch)
Source URI
  • linux-yocto-dev
  • virtual/kernel
  • virtual/i586-oe-linux-binutils
  • virtual/i586-oe-linux-gcc
  • kmod-native
  • depmodwrapper-cross
  • bc-native
  • xz-native
  • bc-native